Riley Knouse

I am Riley Knouse, and am a current senior at Foothill Technology High School. I am in my 13th year of dancing, my training being done at Oakley Ballet Center, and am in my third year of writing and editing for the Opinions section for the Foothill Dragon Press.

Riley Knouse: Get Past Average

Take a sigh of relief, because finals are over. We are all still here and breathing, alive and well. Like countless others, I had spent last week studying. I went over fact patterns, read the entirety of my interactive notebook for physiology, wrote down as many trig formulas as I could in preparation of the final. All the while I was telling myself, “You better not screw up, because you can’t afford it.” Throughout the semester our teachers have been telling us not to focus on the percent gra

Riley Knouse: Please humor me

This is what came out of my friends and I talking about loose sarcasm, which using our knowledge of physiology turned into loose connective tissue, turning itself into adipose, bringing me to say the quote above. Believe it or not, this isn’t even an abnormal conversation. Two years ago, we may have laughed harder at the randomness of the conversation flow, but now we’re so loopy and tired that this isn’t doesn’t even phase us. Today in Journalism class, we looked at a powerpoint on bad headli

Riley Knouse: We are too tired to be happy

Right now, it is late and I am frantically trying to finish physiology homework and work on a blog for English/US History. Throughout looking for the similarities of connective tissues and trying to figure out how exactly I feel about John Brown, I procrastinated. Instead of actually focusing on my homework, I was listening to Gilmore Girls as I more or less worked on gists for physiology, and periodically checked Buzzfeed. All the while I chastised myself for not giving my homework more attenti

Ferguson reminds us of deep-rooted racism in America

The United States of America. Land of the free. Where people can speak their minds, protest, and are given fair trials. Well, for the most part, anyways. It depends on your state, race, social status, and gender. On August 9, Michael Brown, an 18 year-old black teen, was shot at least six times by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo. Many facts are unclear about what exactly happened, such as why Brown was shot. There was a report of a robbery in a convenience store, where even a Brown family law

Ballet is more than just a tutu – The Foothill Dragon Press

Ah, ballet. To onlookers, ballet is a world filled with frilly tutus, pink leotards, beauty, grace, and sparkles. Unlike this common belief, ballet is not always being a fairy princess. To the dancer, however, ballet is a world of blisters, expensive (and smelly) pointe shoes, strength, discipline, hours upon hours of dedication, and aching muscles. The very definition of ballet is that it is “an artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures.

The power of silent protests is often underestimated – The Foothill Dragon Press

When you are faced with the headlines “ At least 21 killed in Ukraine clashes Standing Man ,” of course the article about 21 people being killed is going to catch your interest at first glance. A riot will more than likely pique your curiosity before a silent protest, which is understandable. But both are highly effective, just in different ways. A riot can make noise (pun intended) in the news, and force the public to pay attention to the issue at hand. Silent protests, however, force the pub

Stop dismissing driving under the influence – The Foothill Dragon Press

We have all been told time and time again throughout school that drugs and alcohol are bad, and that we should never take drugs or consume large amounts of alcohol, especially when you’re under the legal age. We are taught that ultimately, doing drugs at any age and drinking alcohol as a minor will lead to nothing but trouble. Our first and only thoughts to this is “Well duh. Everyone knows that,” and then we push the thought to the back of our mind, letting the thought of what we’re eating for

The value of being on Renaissance has decreased – The Foothill Dragon Press

When you do a good job, you are rewarded. When you don’t quite reach your goal, you are told to work harder. Foothill rewards its students who reach a GPA of at least 3.0 by putting them on Renaissance, a national program that rewards students for their academic achievements. By being a part of Renaissance, students get Ren cards, which allows students to have a “Do Over” on an assignment, a front of the line pass for lunch, an early release from class, an “Oops” pass, and a late assignment pas

The actions of Guantánamo Bay contradict its motto – The Foothill Dragon Press

When you think of Guantánamo Bay, do you think of “safe, humane, legal transparent detention”? For those of you who do not know what Guantánamo Bay is, it is a U.S. military prison in Cuba that primarily holds prisoners suspected of terrorism. Guantánamo Bay is infamous for not having to follow the Geneva Code, which states that the human dignity of all individuals must always be protected. Guantánamo Bay uses methods such as torture to extract information from its detainees, and they are denie

Walmart will not do well in Ventura – The Foothill Dragon Press

Walmart; it’s huge, it’s well known, and it’s coming to Ventura in 2014. Is this really a good idea? Let us put some of Walmart itself’s problems aside for the moment and talk about why, just locally, there will be problems. The new Walmart will be located where the old Kmart building is, in the Trader Joe’s shopping center on Victoria Ave. It will be taking up the old Kmart, along with other small surrounding stores. The traffic in that area is already congested, and the new addition of Walm

The parameters for community service at Foothill are too tight – The Foothill Dragon Press

When you help your community, you do it because you like to give back to your community, it makes you feel like a good person, or, the most common reason, because you have to complete 75 hours for school in order to graduate from Foothill. We’re all guilty of this. We prefer to sleep or hang out with our friends more than getting out of our comfort zone. But, we need community service. Foothill has a reputation of being religiously neutral by not allowing students to turn in hours for helping

Our fear of GMOs is completely unnecessary – The Foothill Dragon Press

When you hear that your food was or could have been genetically modified, it doesn’t sound good, right? However, contrary to that common belief, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are actually fine. We just don’t feel like researching it further than the horrific or extremely unnatural pictures you find on Google. As the words ‘genetically modified’ suggest, a genetically modified organism is not 100 percent natural, and has had its genetic material altered. But that doesn’t mean they are